Best Free Backlinks Monitoring Tool.
Easiest way to track Link Building Campaigns.

Check the good and bad Backlinks for you and the competition.
A must have Tool for SEOs, Marketers, and Entrepreneurs! for your Clients or your own Websites.

Start Free Backlinks Monitoring
Build Great Links

Increase website traffic by building high-quality links. Identify relevant sites for outreach and link Building.

Monitor brand and establish influencer relationships

Stay updated on new site links, monitor brand activity, and cultivate relationships with high-authority sites.

Recover Lost Links

Monitor Backlinks instantly notifies you if your hard-earned links from ads and Guest Posts are removed.

Track Keyword Rankings

Track and analyze your Google rankings for valuable keywords. Monitor the impact of backlink changes over time.

Reverse engineer your competitors

Gain insights into your competitors' keyword and backlink strategies to reverse engineer their success.

Efficiently Disavowing Bad Links

Protect your site against negative SEO by quickly and effectively defending against spammy backlinks using our disavow tool.

Manage All Your Backlink Data In One Place

Streamline your workflow by moving away from spreadsheets. Import backlink data from leading sources such as Moz, Ahrefs, Majestic, and Google Webmaster Tools.

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Easy to understand Dashboard
with essential metrics

Get quick insights about your linkbuilding progress. See results over time across top metrics (DA, PA, TF, CF…).
Generate PDF reports for your clients.

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Powerful link profile analysis
to make the right decisions

Get a complete view of your backlink profile. See how your backlinks are distributed across all the important metrics (DA, Spam Score, IP, coutry,…).
Get full reports on your backlink anchor text and keywords.
Compare your profile with your competitors.

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Linkbuilding opportunities you shouldn't miss

Discover your competitors backlinks. See which pages point to you and your competitors or only to them.
See pages linking to most of your competitors. See their most linked pages.
Use all this information to find great linkbuilding opportunities.

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Quick and easy disavow tool

Avoid negative SEO attacks or a manual penalisation.
Quickly identify potentially harmfull backlinks across many metrics like the Spam Score.
Generate a disavow file ready to be uploaded to Google.

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24/7 link tracking so you can focus on building links

Your backlinks and your competitors are monitored 24/7.
Get notified via email reports about new links or any change of status.

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Backlink Management Tool

For webmasters, agencies, and everyone in-between,
Linkody provides the best solution to manage backlinks efficiently.

An easy way to organize backlinks

Categorize your links by associating custom-defined tags (labels). Find all the links with or without a tag in one click. Easily edit or reassign tags.

Examples of usage:

  • "guest blog"
  • "exchange"
  • provider's name
  • "directory"

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Import backlinks from CSV and other sources

Easily import links that Linkody hasn't found yet from the Search Console or any other source.

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Powerful filters to manage backlinks

Combine our powerful Quick Search with the advanced filters to select the links you want to manage. There is a filter for each field of data.

Examples of usage:

  • links to disavow (follow, high Spam Score, low DA)
  • link opportunities from competitors (follow, high DA, from a domain you don't already have a link)
  • team management (link added after, from a team member)
  • link recovery (status offline, offline since last week, tagged 'important')

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Export all the data to PDF or CSV

The export contains 37 columns of data. Fields include: title, anchor, rel, DA, PA, MozRank, Spam Score, Google Index status, Alexa Rank, IP address, hosting country, total links on page... If you like crunching numbers, this is a goldmine.

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Complete monitoring

Specify if you have negotiated specific link attributes (follow, anchor, target page), Linkody will notify you via email if any are changed.

Use notes to easily remember how you got that link. Associate a cost and an expiration date. Linkody will send you remainders when the link is about to expire.

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