Site Audit

Run an SEO audit to uncover your website's technical and on-page SEO issues. Find out exactly what's holding your website back from ranking.

Check your website for 10+ pre-defined SEO issues

Site Audit automatically groups issues by type and pulls printable reports - all fully visualized with colored charts.

Check for issues related to:

  • Performance :- slow pages, too-large CSS or HTML

  • HTML tags :- missing, duplicate or non-optimal length of title tags, meta descriptions and H1 tags

  • Social tags :- incomplete or missing Open Graph tags and Twitter cards

  • Content quality :- low word counts, unconsolidated duplicate pages

  • Localization :- all issues with Hreflang

  • Incoming links :- detecting orphan pages, issues with nofollow links

  • Outgoing links :- detecting links to redirects, broken pages

  • Resources :- issues with images, JavaScript, CSS

  • External pages

  • And more!

Internal Pages

  • 500 Pages

  • 5XX Pages

  • 404 Pages

  • 4XX Pages

  • 301 Pages

  • 3XX Pages

  • Time Out

  • HTTPS/HTTP Mixed Content


  • Canonical Points 3xx

  • Canonical Points 4xx

  • Canonical Points 5xx

  • Canonical Points to Redirect

  • Nofollow in HTML and HTTP header

  • Nofollow Pages

  • Noindex pages

  • Noindex in HTML and HTTP header

  • No-canonical page specifed as canonical one

  • Canonical from HTTP to HTTPS

  • No Index and Nofollow page

  • Noindex follow page


  • Broken Redirct

  • Meta refresh redirect

  • Redirect chain too long

  • Redirect loop

  • 302 Redirect

  • 3XX Redirect

  • Https to Http Redirect

  • Http to Https Redirect

  • Redirect chain


  • Title tag missing or empty

  • Multiple meta description tag

  • Multiple title tag

  • Meta description too short

  • Title too long

  • Meta description too long

  • H1 Tag Missing or empty

  • Meta description tag missing or empty

  • Title too short

  • Multiple H1 tag


  • Image Broken

  • Image file size too large

  • Page has broken image

  • Missing alt text

  • Https page link to Http image

  • Image Redirect

  • Page has redirected image

External Pages

  • 3xx redirect

  • 4xx

  • 5xx

  • Time out


  • Html file size too large

  • Not Compresed

  • Page with poor CLS

  • Page with poor FID

  • Page with poor LCP

  • Slow page

Social Tag

  • Open Graph Tag Incompleted

  • Open Graph URL not matching Canonical

  • Twitter card incomplet

  • Open Graph tag missing

  • Twitter card missing


  • JavaScript broken

  • Page has broken JavaScript

  • JavaScript Redirect

  • Page has redirected JavaScript

  • HTTPS page links to JavaScript


  • CSS Broken

  • CSS File size too large

  • CSS Redirect

  • HTTPS Page link to Http CSS

  • Page has Broken CSS

  • Page has redirect CSS


  • 3XX Pages in Sitemap

  • 4XX Pages in Sitemap

  • 5XX Pages in Sitemap

  • Double slash in URL

  • No Index Page in sitemap

  • Non-canonical page in sitemap

  • Page from sitemap timed out

  • Duplicate Pages without canonical


  • Herflang and HTML lang missmatch

  • Hreflang annotation invalid

  • Hreflang to non-canonical

  • Hreflang to redirect or broken page

  • HTML lang attribute invalid

  • Missing reciprocal hreflang (no return-tag)

  • More then one page for same language in hreflang

  • Page referenced for more then one language in hreflang

  • Hreflang defined but HTML lang missing

  • HTML lang Attribute missing

  • Self-reference hreflang annotation missiong

  • Not all pages from hreflang group were crawled

  • X-default hreflang annotation missing